The Major Office Cameo You Likely Missed In Free Guy

John Krasinski, who plays Jim in the American adaptation of The Office, stars in Free Guy. Jim is best remembered as the heart of The Office. After the sitcom wrapped, Krasinski ditched his goofy persona and starred as Jack Ryan for Amazon Prime Video. He’s also dabbled in directing, directing the A Quiet Place franchise and even making a surprise appearance in the MCU. But despite such a busy schedule, it seems he still has time to tend to his friends’ needs.

As with Dwayne Johnson and Hugh Jackman, Krasinski’s cameo is purely a speaking role and can easily be missed if you don’t know who you’re looking for. He plays Silhouetted Gamer, who is involved in an interview to discuss his views on the video game’s non-playable characters. The gamer admits he killed these characters out of boredom, but claims he’s discovered the flaws in his tactics.

Though Krasinski and Reynolds didn’t share the screen in Free Guy, there’s a chance they will in Imaginary Friends, a film that will also star Steve Carell (via IMDb). Krasinski will direct and star in the project, which The Hollywood Reporter describes as a film that focuses on a man who can talk to people’s imaginary friends. Production on the film has not yet started at this time.

However, with their respective celebrities only growing, is it only a matter of time before The Office star and Deadpool himself share the screen, maybe in an MCU project? With talks of a Free Guy sequel, it’s entirely possible that Silhouetted Gamer will finally meet his counterpart in Reynolds’ character.

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