The Last Faith – What We Know So Far

Between a handful of trailers and information from the creators themselves, players can get a pretty good idea of ​​what the gameplay and progression in The Last Faith will be like. Specifically, the title aims to bridge the gap between side-scrolling 2D Metroidvanias and the crushing precision that Souls-like combat demands.

The trailers have already revealed some impressive bosses, but there also seems to be some item and magic usage hints that anyone familiar with Bloodborne should immediately recognize. With a focus on exploration and non-linear levels, players will find items, puzzles, and unique encounters scattered across a large map. “The Last Faith” combines weapons and spells and offers combos, buffs, dodges and special attacks.

Additionally, The Last Faith features an impressive execution mechanic, allowing players to finish off enemies in a variety of gory ways. While a 2D sidescroller might not be everyone’s first guess for a worthy Bloodborne sequel, The Last Faith looks poised to take the torch into uncharted territory.

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