The Intense Chicago P.D. Scene Amy Morton Calls Her Favorite

As noted in a YouTube interview clip by Amy Morton, who was speaking at a recent Chi-Hard fan event on One Chicago Day, the scene she looks back on as a true franchise highlight for her character took place in the Season 4 episode titled “All Cylinders instead of Firing” – although the screen caption in the YouTube video confusingly quotes a very different episode.

The episode in question, which will air in October 2016, sees Sergeant Platt suffer a violent attack, followed by the intelligence unit finding her father brutally murdered by the same unknown assailant. However, when another officer unveils a key piece of evidence, Platt gets the dots together and sets off to find and confront the killer on his own. Then, finally finding herself alone with the killer, Trudy is about to avenge her own vigilante against him when Voight intervenes and stops her from doing something she will regret. “You’re not me, Trudy!” Voight tells her. “You couldn’t live with yourself.”

In the end, Trudy Voight tearfully agrees that the killer should instead be brought to justice and his time in prison should be served. So while Morton undoubtedly has many moments that she’s proud of from her time as Trudy Platt, the actress cites this deeply moving scene from Chicago PD as her all-time favorite.

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