The Inspiring Elvis Scene Austin Butler Called Out For Being ‘Corny’

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Baz Luhrmann and Austin Butler explained how to capture Elvis Presley’s speech patterns and musical singing. This proved to be no easy task and required a great deal of effort on Butler’s part, but they eventually made it to a science. They even altered a scene about Elvis trying to inspire his Vegas band while editing the song “That’s Alright (Mama)”. When, after months of rehearsals with a playback tape, it was finally time to shoot, Luhrmann recalls, “Austin looked at me and was like, ‘That’s just cheesy. That does not work. It is a fake.'”

With that, the director instructed the band to play different notes so Butler could find his desired sound. While this tweak allowed the actor to feel more authentic about his role, it didn’t come without a price throughout the production. He told Collider in June 2022 that rediscovering himself after completing work on Elvis wasn’t a quick and easy thing. “It’s been a really solid couple of months before I really felt any semblance of normalcy after that. I’d never done anything like just putting my life aside,” Butler explained, adding that the project required him to practically isolate himself and become the closest thing he could to Elvis Presley could.

Austin Butler obviously gave everything for “Elvis” and wanted to please the pop culture icon. It’s good that he spoke up to take care of some potential cheesiness in the final product as well. If he hadn’t, who knows if Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley would have given him such ardent support.

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