The Iconic Video Game Character You Likely Forgot Ray Liotta Voiced

Ray Liotta made his name playing gangsters and those who participate in the criminal underworld. Even later in his filmography, he often played characters with a dark side, so that a detour to Vice City was certainly not out of the question for the actor. Players will no doubt recognize Liotta’s deep, gruff voice from his role as Tommy Vercetti in 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

After a stint in prison, Tommy Vercetti heads to Vice City to take part in a high-profile drug deal. However, as you’d expect in these games, things quickly go sideways and Tommy embarks on a mission to find whoever is responsible for turning the deal upside down. He steals and kills his way through the criminal underworld, and by the game’s end he has founded the Vercetti Crime Family, his own criminal empire.

As it sounds, Liotta enjoyed his time in the field of video games. He appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show when Vice City first came out, and he said of the experience, “It was fun. You know, you just sit there and call people names. It was fun.” Swearing at people is what Liotta did best throughout his career, and it’s good to know that players can continue to enjoy the actor’s talents by reproducing this classic addition to the “GTA ‘ franchise play again.

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