The Iconic Rick & Morty Scene That Fans Can’t Help Rewatching

Fans remain divided on whether Rick and Morty should stick to standalone adventures or take a serial approach. The show regularly breaks the fourth wall and debates it itself as part of an episode. However, most fans would agree that Evil Morty’s introduction was brilliant and gave the characters some much-needed depth.

The first episode of Evil Morty is so iconic that some fans are rewatching it ad nauseam, as Redditor writes u/tbmkmjr: “I swear I’ve watched this episode over 100 times and I still get chills at that part when the music falls.” This refers to the final scene of Season 1’s “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind” when Evil Morty removes his eyepatch while the Blonde Redhead song “For the Damaged Coda” is playing.

Everyone else seemed to agree that this episode was a definite highlight of an outstanding first season. Redditor u/Tulanol summed it up well: “Love this episode.” If only fans knew what the season 5 finale held when Evil Morty was introduced all those years ago.

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