The Hilarious Deleted Parks And Recreation Scene That Fans Wish Was Canon

On the Parks and Recreation subreddit, u/etymologynerd posted a series of screenshots of a deleted scene from the show’s final season. In the scene, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) tells her husband Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) that she has started sneaking veggies into their kids’ mac and cheese to encourage them to eat healthier foods. “That’s what parenting is about. Helping their children… by lying,” she says. But when Ben reveals that he’s been sneaking vegetables into Leslie’s breakfast for years, she immediately turns on him, declaring that she’s never been more angry with anyone in her life. She then demands that her children grab him to the ground. The interaction is a loving moment between Leslie and Ben and an endearing, playful family portrait.

Many who commented on the Reddit post expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that this scene isn’t technically part of Parks and Recreation canon, as it was truncated. One of the top comments on u/bradley322’s post is “I accept this as canon,” and over 4,000 other users have corroborated that opinion. Similar comments on the post point to a disappointing lack of one-on-one couple or family dynamics displayed between Leslie and Ben last season.

While the scene was cut for unknown reasons, one user playfully suggested a possible explanation: “They had to delete it because if that actually happened, Leslie would have divorced Ben.” Or, as u/BakulaSelleck92 wrote: “Let’s be realistic. He would be dead to her.”

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