The Hilarious Adam Sandler Costume Detail You Likely Missed In Grown-Ups 2

During an appearance at the Literally! With the Rob Lowe Podcast, Saturday Night Live graduate and screen star David Spade – who played Marcus Higgins in both Grown Ups films and has appeared in countless other Adam Sandler projects – shared some fascinating information about Sandler’s Grown Ups Oops 2″ fall “Outfit. He recalls, “We have a striped t-shirt for his wardrobe on the bed for the day, then there’s a rack of t-shirts and big shorts.” But instead of just wearing what the wardrobe department laid out for him , Sandler chose to keep the casual clothes he wore on set, meaning he wears his own clothes throughout the film.

Of course, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sandler chose to wear his usual threads during the Grown Ups 2 shoot. The prolific comedian has a long history of not dressing up for any occasion, which is why people often spot him in public donning ensembles that USA Today believes he put together in the dark. Nonetheless, his quirky fashion sense has become part of his pop culture legacy, and some have gone so far as to praise him for it. Vogue even dubbed Sandler a fashion icon in 2021, as his comfortable, mismatched attire reflected that of many people in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If Adam Sandler proved anything, it’s that you don’t need to wear expensive suits, designer shoes, and shiny jewelry to be successful. Especially his “Grown Ups 2” clothes and the story behind them couldn’t support this point anymore.

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