The GTA Character That Aged Poorly

In a retrospective article on Anthony “Gay Tony” Prince, one of the central characters in “The Ballad of Gay Tony,” Pink News’ Shakeena Johnson argues that the character is homophobic and embodies harmful LGBTQ+ stereotypes. “Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony offered an outdated and all but non-existent portrayal of the queer community – with blog sites even calling the expansion “the most straight-forward Grand Theft Auto ever,” Johnson wrote of Gay Tony’s character . “While it was clear that he wasn’t obviously secretive (with a name like Gay Tony), the character’s sexuality was never explored.”

Johnson says Gay Tony and his characterizations are among a litany of transgressions against Rockstar’s LBGTQ+ community, and also points to “The Psycho” – a dangerously obsessed Love Fist fan in “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” – as another example. Johnson is just as critical of the portrayal of trans people in “GTA 5”, as they are often wrongly gendered and are almost exclusively portrayed as sex workers in the game.

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