The Friendship On The Boys That Fans Can’t Help But Support

While they may have been two of the most dangerous members of Butcher’s team, Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and Frenchie (Tomer Kapon) are also the growing heart of this superhero-crushing squad, and a couple fans have warmed to over the course of the show’s season 2. Based on a thread started by Reddit user u/House923 after replaying seasons 1 and 2, The Boys fan said, “I love how the relationship between Frenchie and Kimiko is building. It’s really that subtle, special, positive aspect of such an insane, violent, crazy show.”

They weren’t the only ones supporting this kindhearted dual role, and u/DarKnight972 added, “I really like their relationship… it’s so healthy. Frenchie is my favorite character.” It’s certainly an interesting dynamic within the show, but one that departs significantly from the books on which the show is based. The only question is whether they will keep it that way.

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