The Friends Legend Whose Only Directing Credit Is A Scrubs Episode

The minor screen legend whose sole director was Scrubs is Matthew Perry, who portrayed the ever-scared Chandler Bing in every season of Friends. The “Scrubs” episode, which Perry directed, aired during season four and also found Perry at work on camera.

In this episode, titled “My Unicorn,” Dr. JD Dorian (Zach Braff) for an elderly patient (John Bennett Perry) who needed a kidney transplant. After JD tracked down the man’s estranged son, Murray (Perry), things took an unexpected turn when Murray proved reluctant to donate the organ. as dr Helping Dorian Murray resolve some definite resentments, the requisite hilarity and drama followed – all supported by a secondary storyline in which Sarah Chalkes portrayed Dr. Reid used her womanly tricks to assert herself in the halls of Sacred Heart Hospital.

In the end, Perry perfectly captured the series’ often complicated mix of character-driven drama and off-the-wall comedy. And coincidentally, “My Unicorn” was a family affair for Perry, as the man who portrayed his estranged “Scrubs” father was actually his real-life father, whose IMDb credits are impressive in and of themselves. Heck, Perry even gave a cameo to his uncle, Tony Perry, who portrayed a bubbly older Murray in one of the episode’s funnier scenes. All in all, Perry’s “Scrubs” episode is so solid, it makes you wonder why the “Friends” legend hasn’t directed anything else.

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