The Flash Star Teases A Major Surprise Cameo In The Season 8 Finale

The final episode of The Flash season 8 is set to air on June 29, 2022, but that hasn’t stopped Danielle Nicolet from building anticipation early on. She sat down with TVLine on May 1st and when asked about the upcoming episode, she couldn’t help but bring up the surprise cameo she’ll be bringing. “Anyone you think could be, no! It’s not who you think it is at all. Everyone will be screaming, they will be so excited to see this person,” said the Cecile Horton actress, promising that it will surprise everyone.

Nicolet didn’t provide any further details on who this mystery guest star might be, so naturally “Flash” fans went into speculation mode. In a Reddit thread by anthonystrader18, people from all corners of the community offered up potential guest appearances. Some are hoping that it will be Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) that will tie “Superman & Lois” more closely to the rest of the Arrowverse, while others are crossing their fingers that we’ll see the return of Oliver “Green Arrow” Queen (Amell). . Although with so little information on which to base theories, the possibilities are endless.

While online debate is rife, there’s only one thing fans can do: patiently await the arrival of The Flash season 8 finale, and enjoy the excitement – or disappointment – in this secret cameo as it happens.

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