The Flash Footage Of Ezra Miller From CinemaCon Has Fans All Saying The Same Thing

Based on Deadline’s coverage of what happens in the short trailer, there’s not much to pick out from the footage other than the long-awaited return of Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne aka Batman – and a glimpse of a young Superman – as Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) appears to be recruiting Batman. So without discussing any new material, DC fans gathered on Reddit’s r/movies community to discuss the premiere of “The Flash” footage at CinemaCon, and at this point many of them seem to have a common motive to have: Ezra Miller’s legal battle to submerge issues and the bizarrely long production process for the standalone film The Flash.

“WB is deciding if they can change the title to BATMAN: FLASHPOINT,” one Redditor wrote, joking that the studio might be better off turning this into a Batman-focused film starring Keaton. It’s worth noting that even before Miller’s recent troubles, most of the publicity for this film focused on Keaton’s Batman rather than the titular scarlet speedster.

Another user was reacting to the much-discussed notion that Warner Bros. could drop Miller entirely if they get arrested again. “Grant Gustin will bring CGI to the game,” u/ContinuumGuy wrote, calling out the actor, who plays the Flash on the CW’s long-running Arrowverse series, starring Barry Allen. Several Reddit users speculated that even if the film couldn’t be remade with a different actor in Miller’s place, it seemed likely they would be recast in a sequel.

“The DCU went from a bad MCU knockout to a slow-motion car wreck in less than a decade,” wrote u/grinr. “What. A mess.”

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