The Ending Of South Park: The Streaming Wars Explained

As usual, while everyone else in South Park deals with climate change and streaming services, Eric Cartman only cares about himself. And as we know from season 25 of the animated sitcom, Cartman and his mom now live in a giant hot dog.

He’s only interested in getting out of the hot dog, so he hatches a plan. He will force his mother to have cosmetic surgery so she can lure rich man Cussler, who is buying up land near the creek so he can have his own streaming services. Once his mother is with Cussler, they can move out and finally be happy again.

Although Cartman gets the $10,000 for the surgery, his mother refuses, and in desperation Cartman says that if she doesn’t get a breast augmentation, he will. His mother tricks him and before you know it, Cartman has huge boobs, which everyone will find out the next time he goes to school. It’s the sort of progression most other sitcoms would play for a cheap laugh before moving on to the next installment, but South Park has been toying with serialization lately, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it still has it for the next episode has consequences.

If the series really wanted to revisit the idea, Cartman could recover from another surgery to have her removed, but the concept of Cartman having to once again raise enough money to afford another surgery could be a too fun idea for writing his team to pass over.

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