The Ending Of Doctor Who Season 5 Explained

Rory is a steadfast, confident man when it comes to his love, which is adorable because he’s literally none of it in any other aspect of his existence. In everyday life he is not confrontational, he is shy, he is a walking doormat. But for Amy, Rory will guard an ancient prison cell (designed to trap a Time Lord in permanent stasis and thereby prevent that Time Lord from destroying the galaxy through the apparent misuse of a time machine) for two millennia. In case it wasn’t clear, that’s no exaggeration. Rory does just that.

He’s guarded Amy – who is in the pandorica (that old prison cell) and on the verge of death – through all of human history, through wars and loneliness and boring museum appearances. While it’s certainly possible that he re-guessed his choices at some point during this time, his actions never suggest it. From the moment the Doctor leaves him to the moment the Doctor returns to heal Amy of her vibrant, younger self with DNA, Rory protects his heart. He’s not even officially married yet, and that’s the kind of dedication he offers.

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