The Ending Of Daredevil Explained

Before Daredevil’s theatrical rights reverted to Marvel Studios, there were plans to initiate a franchise reboot under 20th Century Fox – plans that at various points included a sequel to the 2003 film, a crossover film. and a brand new trilogy.

In 2011, eight years after “Daredevil,” Entertainment Weekly reported that the studio had hired director David Slade to direct a film that “would continue the story of the blind superhero […] but with a brand new cast.” Slade said (per Collider) that his take would have been “complex and exciting,” but he left the project that same year, leaving it in development hell. Around the same time, another Marvel project was also being quietly developed by Fox, one that would feature all of its licensed Marvel characters (including Daredevil) in a Civil War-style crossover film (via Flickering Myth). Unfortunately this was also rejected.

Months before Fox lost the Daredevil license, director Joe Carnahan laid out his take on the character and even primed a sizzling role. In a SyFy interview cited by Collider, Carnahan shared more details. “I proposed a trilogy like this: ‘Daredevil ’73’, ‘Daredevil ’79’ and ‘Daredevil ’85’, where I wanted to do a kind of ‘cultural libretto’ and make the music of those eras a kind of themed arc,” said he. “The problem was that the option was almost gone, so at eleventh hour we offered Marvel to keep the rights a little longer so I could rewrite the script. Unfortunately it just didn’t happen. Marvel wanted the rights back. I am not blaming you.”

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