The Ducky Line That NCIS Fans Can’t Help But Love

Of the many people who have graced the “NCIS” cast list, Ducky is without a doubt one of the funniest of the bunch. Even when he’s conducting autopsies or doing psychological profiles, he still manages to churn out a smirking one-liner every now and then. Although Redditor loki2002 believes his response to Ilan Bodnar (Oded Fehr) in the Season 10 episode “Shiva” is second to none. After rudely asking him whose grandfather he is, Ducky simply replies, “Well, that depends. who is your grandmother?”

Not surprisingly, several other “NCIS” fans chimed in to offer their thoughts on Ducky’s prime roast. “Thanks to whoever wrote this,” replied Jlx_27, and the-_-Seeker said, “I remember the joy I felt after seeing this scene for the first time!!” Reddit user GoalHistoric6867 also left a comment wishing that “NCIS” would do more with this answer — maybe apply it to someone who actually turns out to be his grandson, unbeknownst to him. In addition, esorellehcim expressed their love for Ducky’s cheekiness and praised David McCallum’s work as a character.

When the day finally comes when NCIS comes to an end, it will undoubtedly remain a cornerstone of pop culture for some time to come. It’s hard to argue that Ducky and his many memorable lines won’t play at least a small part in that longevity.

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