The Director Of The Witcher Comments On What Gets Cut

On the r/netflixwitcher subreddit, a now-deleted account asked how involved the editing process for the show was and whether cuts were planned from the start. Jobst responded to the Reddit user’s question with a long and engaging answer that could make any fan feel respected. The director said, “My training has always been to shoot for the editing room. In other words, you always have a cut on your mind. You rotate what you need to make the cut you have in mind. Directing is about making decisions. Just shoot randomly everything, from every angle, at a long shot, a medium shot and a close-up, isn’t directing to me, it just “sucks in” a scene and delivers onslaughts. Yes, executives might love you because you can edit it any way you want, but I think directing is about having a vision and shooting to make that vision a reality.”

Jobst also went on to say that he prefers to work on projects that he personally feels can provide unique insights, and even then, sometimes what I want in a director’s vision to work well doesn’t always work how intended to be implemented. This can lead to the need for additional footage, a problem that filming more in the first place might fix. The director’s thought process showed a deep understanding of the situation and a sincere desire to share his opinion.

Jobst ended his brief essay by saying he hoped to have clarified a fraction of what he thought was a daunting topic. However, this isn’t the only time he’s spoken out about the unique aspects of filming a major streaming series like The Witcher.

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