The DC Comics Easter Egg That Even Hardcore Fans Can Miss In The Flash

The creators of The Flash like to incorporate references to the number 52 into the adventures of Barry Allen. Some important examples of this are Channel 52 News, which is often depicted in the series with various characters watching. There is also a very small notice in the newspaper in the pilot announcing that Allen’s father will be arrested for allegedly killing his mother. In the fine print of the article, fans can read that Allen’s father was questioned by police with a 52nd division.

Later references in the series include the prison where the main characters keep the metahuman criminals they capture, dubbed Area 52. In Season 2, 52 portals are appropriately located between Earth-One and Earth-Two. The number can appear almost anywhere and never really means good or bad to everyone. There’s plenty more 52 references if you fall down The CW’s “The Flash” rabbit hole, but even fans who notice it may be wondering exactly what the number has to do with the series.

The number has everything to do with DC Comics, the place where it all began for Barry Allen, and there are several reasons for the lingering references.

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