The Crown Episodes That Fans Always Skip On A Rewatch

The Season 3 episode “Moondust” is cited as an episode that viewers should also skip when rewatching, though not for unfair dramatizations or strong emotion. Apparently, Redditors don’t find it as entertaining as the other entries of The Crown. Reddit user u/gwennj said of the episode where Prince Philip mourns the death of his mother after the 1969 moon landing: “I’ll skip it. See it once and that was enough.” At least one other commenter echoed their response, so they’re clearly not alone in this opinion.

“Moondust” was acclaimed by critics when it released in 2019 (via AV Club), but it doesn’t have the same hidden depth or detail as the other episodes of “The Crown.” Redditor u/Affectionate-Feed538 even claimed that Moondust is “hands down the most boring episode ever. Most of the time I was just waiting for something remotely interesting to happen.”

It’s a shame, because Tobias Menzies gives a great performance as Philip, but not enough happens during the script to warrant repeated viewing. Perhaps user u/CapriciousSalmon writes correctly: “I think the episode would have been better if the moon landing had happened in the background.” At least that would have felt more dramatic.

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