The Classic Disney Animated Character That Lightyear’s Chris Evans Would Love To Play

During a Lightyear press event that Looper attended, Chris Evans was asked if there was another iconic animated character he’d like to be photographed with, and the former leader of the Avengers headed straight for Sherwood Forest. “If there was another character to play, I don’t think I could do it, but I’ve always been a huge fan of ‘Robin Hood,’ the old Disney animated movie ‘Robin Hood,'” Evans revealed. Explaining his rationale for choosing the wily, bow-and-arrow-wielding fox, Evans added, “I just thought Robin Hood was so cool. I just think of all the characters in the Disney library – Robin Hood stands alone. He’s just so smooth, charming, capable… I don’t have that cool British accent, but I’d love to rock it.

While it’s hardly new for an American actor to take on the English folklore legend (Arrows at you, Kevin Costner), there’s no doubt Evans could match the charm and swagger originally portrayed by Brian Bedford in the classic from 1973 were applied. Of course, there’s every chance it could happen, after it was announced in 2020 that the film would get a fresh coat of CGI paintwork in a remake directed by “Blindspotting” boss Carlos Lopez Estrada (via The Hollywood), similar to ” The Lion King”. Reporter). With that in mind, if Evans gets the call, can we suggest Tom Hiddleston as Prince John’s scaly servant, Sir Hiss? Well, hey, you gotta fire your shot, right?

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