The Bradford Cold Open That The Rookie Fans Can’t Help But Love

Officer Tim Bradford is the epitome of the cop. He is tough on crime and soft on no one, unlike the main protagonist of the series. His life seems to revolve around the job – even when he’s not working. Nothing stands in the way of protecting the city, not even a football game. Or maybe the job is getting in the way of the soccer game? Anyway, “The Rookie” Season 2 Episode 7, “Safety”, gives us the best cold of the series up to this point.

The episode begins with Bradford watching a Rams game when it is interrupted by a high-speed pursuit approaching his home. He goes outside, works overtime, gets in his truck, buckles his seat belt, backs out onto the street, and blocks the pursuit. Bradford points his gun out of the driver’s side window and speaks to the criminal from inside the vehicle. Once officers have the suspect, he nonchalantly backs into his driveway and gets back to his game. You can watch the amazing scene right now on ABC’s YouTube channel. While some scenes from The Rookie can be a bit difficult to watch, the writers are very good at giving other scenes a little lightness to help break the tension.

Fans called this Bradford scene the show’s best cold opening, and the scene made the character even more popular with viewers. Reddit user u/daven1985 said, “I loved that scene. I remember thinking it was going to go wrong like he was pulling out and getting rammed in. But it was just so great. I hated Bradford at first, but he was portrayed as such a great character.” While “The Rookie” is only loosely based on a true story, we’re hoping this scene is one of the actual events.

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