The Boys Season 4 Will Feature A Cameo From This Walking Dead Star

After Jeffrey Dean Morgan was dear old John Winchester in “Supernatural” and became a thug in “The Walking Dead” mainly as Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will also appear in the fourth season of “The Boys”.

The confirmation comes after Eric Kripke, the man behind Amazon’s most offensive live-action superhero show, revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he had plans for Morgan to appear this season. Still, the classic supervillain known as Deadlocks got in the way thanks to Negan’s upcoming battle with more undead carnivores. Describing the scheduling issues, Kripke said, “Sad for me, happy for him he’s currently co-starring with Lauren Cohan on ‘The Walking Dead’ spin-off,” he revealed. “So, as far as the schedule goes, I don’t know. Unfortunately, we could still be crossed because I did Questions. We had a role and my first question was, ‘Well, is Jeffrey available?'”

It’s a shame Morgan has never shown his face in the world of The Boys before, as there’s no doubt his sneer and confidence would fit right in. Playing the brain-bending antagonist from the zombie-infested show and bringing The Comedian to life in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, Morgan brings charm to just about any character he fills in, no matter how amoral. Place him next to or in front of Billy Butcher and hopefully sparks and blood spatter are guaranteed to fly.

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