The Boys Scene That Was So Messed Up It Made Antony Starr Cry Tears Of Laughter

It’s in Homelander’s nature to go a little too far in hopes of proving his superiority in every way possible, but you have to admit that even for him, it’s kinda hilariously pushing the limits when you’re a pushes a child off the roof of a building. When Homelander tries to figure out if his biological son Ryan Butcher (Cameron Crovetti) can fly in the Season 2 episode “Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Me,” it’s an uncomfortably funny fit of laughter. Of course, Homelander is utterly unsuccessful at getting the kid to blow up, and audiences are treated to the somberly comical sight of young Ryan falling face-first to the floor with a squeak after a helpful nudge from dad lands.

According to an interview with GQ Magazine posted on their YouTube page, Antony Starr didn’t find the scene particularly funny when he filmed it due to the CGI level and special effects involved. But when he later watched the scene with the effects overlay, he broke down. “I just burst out laughing,” Starr admitted. And apparently, an additional sound effect sealed the deal for him. “What really got me was his little squeak as he flies away and that little ‘Aah!’ comes out. God I cried and laughed about it, I found it hysterical. Also funny to Starr? The slight disappointment on Homelander’s face when his son doesn’t make it to the top.

Fans will have to keep watching to find out if Ryan is shaping up to be a super or an average mortal.

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