The Biggest Mistake Rick And Morty Made With Krombopulos Michael According To Fans

As fans will remember all too well from season two’s Mortynight Run, Krombopulos Michael hooked up with Rick to secure a secret weapon for a successful job. Morty didn’t like being part of such a nefarious mission, so in an attempt to do the right thing, he kills Krombopulos Michael and unleashes his target in the universe.

Krombopulos Michael didn’t get much screen time, but he made the most of it with his now-iconic catchphrase, “Oh boy, here I go killing again.” Undoubtedly, there could have been a lot more adventures with the killer, but it doesn’t seem like that would we get more of that now that he’s dead, and fans online have expressed their displeasure with this development. In a Reddit thread, u/Homelss_Emperor writes, “The worst thing this show ever did was death [Krombopulos Michael].”

Others tried to see the bright side. After all, “Rick and Morty” regularly plays around with the idea of ​​the multiverse, so it’s possible for another version of the character to make its way into the main continuity. Redditor u/Dafracturedbutwhole explains: “He only died in one universe. There is much more [Michaels] Out there from Krombopulos to Jan-Vincent.” While the show is unlikely to make a good return to Krombopulos Michael, we can at least revisit Mortynight Run whenever we need reminding of how much the character loves to kill.

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