The Big Problem The Simpsons Fans Have With The Billie Eilish Short

At the very end of the short, Billie asks Lisa if her father Homer ever supports her music, to which Lisa replies, “If you give him enough beer and a pair of earplugs and then tell him he can be in another room. .. No.” Fans on Reddit were outraged by this line, claiming that it seriously conflicts with Homer’s previous actions throughout the series. “New Simpsons dirty Homer,” wrote u/BetterCallMurdock, linking three separate images from the times , than Homer had supported Lisa’s music in the past.The most obvious example of Homer’s support is the episode “Lisa’s Sax” in which Homer sacrifices the money he saved for an air conditioner to buy Lisa a new sax, and her later bought a second one after Bart (voiced by Nancy Cartwright) broke the original. Again, he’s using his AC fund to pay for the instrument. This was a point raised by u/dead_trim_mcgee, who summarized other fans’ frustration, who remember that Homer was very supportive of Lisa.

Meanwhile, some fans opted to play devil’s advocate, clarifying that Homer has absolutely complained about Lisa’s saxophone in the past, although he admitted he’s still very supportive of her. “Homer doesn’t endorse their music. He finds them annoying and would prefer if she didn’t play them around the house,” explained u/Jasole37. “But he loves Lisa more than he hates sax music.” All in all, The Simpsons: When Billie Met Lisa appears to be despised by a large segment of the series’ fans, and most likely just because of its inaccurate portrayal of the Simpson -Patriarch will be remembered.

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