The Big Critique My 600-Lb Life Fans Have About The Newer Seasons

A comment from Reddit user r/Elly-sparks says, “Remember the original ‘My 600-Lb Life’ episodes that took over 7 years to shoot? I mean, I don’t think I need seven years, but maybe three years? While modern audiences might be used to watching the show over a one-year period, the first season lasted seven years (via Huff Post). User r/bristleconepine27 replies, “Yes, I agree, but that’s why ‘Where are they now?’ It’s too expensive and time consuming… I don’t know if they ever planned to turn ‘My 600 pound life’ into the show it is now…’ Indeed, the show conceived by Dr. Now’s Son, Jonathan Nowzaradan, was supposed to be a four-person-focused miniseries, but due to eventual demand from the show, it was pushed back to a year.The spin-off series, Where Are They Now?, is designed to follow the contestants’ years later.

Other fans didn’t have a problem with that, but had a lot to say about the runtime of the show itself. r/Evergleam498 comments: “I think 12 months is a reasonable amount of time, but the episodes are too long. You only get enough content for an hour of good TV, but instead we get boring 2-hour episodes.” Beginning in Season 5, the show would go on to two-hour runs focused on just one contestant.

Redditor r/rocksandlsd agrees. They mention how they were introduced by the series’ “Super Size Me” episodes, which combined episodes into a deserved two-hour runtime, and felt that was how the series should continue. Hopefully My 600 pound life can find a healthy middle ground that makes everyone happy.

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