The Big Bang Theory Character Fans Wish Had More Screen Time

In Season 3 of The Lunar Excitation, Big Bang Theory fans will meet Zack Johnson (Brian Thomas Smith): Penny’s recurring partner who appears throughout the series. While generally nice and unconfrontational, he often finds himself on the wrong end of the joke thanks to his clueless nature. That’s one of the main reasons why Penny didn’t manage to stay with him permanently. Still, fans of the show, especially those on Reddit, loved watching him and wished he had more opportunities to be in the spotlight throughout the show’s 12 seasons.

As The Big Bang Theory continues to creep into TV history, it’s worth noting that this love affair with Brian Thomas Smith and the character of Zack Johnson isn’t a new phenomenon. In a February 2022 interview with the Cash in Hand Podcast on YouTube, Smith revealed that even while filming the show, he received positive reactions from live studio audiences. “I still remember the feeling with the audience. They laughed at everything I said. I couldn’t believe it,” he recalled, adding that even Kaley Cuoco couldn’t help but mention how much the audience adored his approach to the material.

He didn’t spend all that much time on The Big Bang Theory, but for the time he did, Brian Thomas Smith’s Zack Johnson made a big impression on viewers. Too bad he doesn’t show up more often.

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