The Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode Detail That Went Right Over Our Heads

Better Call Saul fans who look closely at each episode title of the first season will notice that all 10 episode titles end in the letter “o” with the exception of “Alpine Shepherd Boy”, the middle of the season. However, there was no great design for the first season’s cover theme.

On an episode of the Better Call Saul Insider podcast, executive producer Vince Gilligan said that over lunch one day, the writing team on Better Call Saul decided to name each episode of the season with a word starting with the letter ” o” would end. ‘ Gilligan said they came up with the idea when they were making Alpine Shepherd Boy and that they originally wanted to call the episode Jell-O, in reference to Jimmy’s advertisement for his older law firm on jello cups in a Nursing home placed: ‘Do you need a will? Call McGill!”

Gilligan and the writers said they came up with the idea of ​​ending every episode of the season with an “O” at the lunch table, and that this episode ended up being the only one with a title that didn’t follow the pattern — was the one that gave them gave this idea. “We weren’t allowed to call the episode jello,” Gilligan said on the podcast. “It kind of rawened our enthusiasm and slowed our roll when it comes to ending every track with an O [this season].”

Instead, the episode’s final title is a nod to the character Mrs. Strauss (Carol Herman) presents to Jimmy, whom she calls the Alpine Shepherd Boy. Gilligan said the production went with that tile because the episode’s writer, Bradley Paul, approved it as a secondary option.

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