The Best Worst Jedi Mentor In The Galaxy


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Played by Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor in separate Star Wars films, Obi-Wan Kenobi is one of the franchise’s most iconic characters – a wise mentor to young Jedi who seek to discover their destiny and master the Force – so it’s not Surprise He’s finally earned his own Disney+ series. With McGregor returning to portray this beloved character, fans are excited to see what Obi-Wan has in store between the prequels and the original trilogy.

“Star Wars” fans may love Obi-Wan unconditionally, but if you take a minute to really look at everything he does in both the prequels and trilogy, there are quite a few serious there are red flags. As Luke and Anakin’s tutor, Obi-Wan does quite a few kidnappings – actually, a lot of kidnappings – without even touching on the fact that he mutilates one of them and then gives the other his father’s old gun he’s hoarded for years. If you want to break this down further, you can check out Okay, So Basic’s video about Obi-Wan, available on YouTube and SnapChat, which has all the weirdest things about the Jedi Master.

If you want more Okay, so basically there are a lot of episodes on SnapChat and YouTube about other Star Wars characters like Darth Vader alongside non-Star Wars characters like Morbius the Living Vampire. As for Obi-Wan, you can watch the series now on Disney+.

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