The Best Tracy Moment On How I Met Your Mother According To Fans

In a Reddit thread, u/mazgrog shared a fan-favorite Tracy moment from the show. During her Economics 305 course at Columbia University, Tracy approaches a fellow student, Cindy, and generously offers to live with her, saying, “Come and live with me! My roommate just moved out!” Surprised, Cindy replies, “But are you sure? You just met me! I could be a serial killer.” Smiling, Tracy explains, “I like to believe in people.” She adds, “Besides, what are the odds that we’re both serial killers?”

Other users agreed, citing the unexpected humor of the moment as the reason they appreciated Tracy. U/karstaang emphasized: “One of my favorite lines in the series. Your performance is hilarious.” Agreeingly, u/bigb9919 replied, “Haha I use that joke all the time!”

One Redditor pointed out that Tracy’s popularity seemed to lead to the polarized reaction from fans when it came to the series’ final episode. As u/Wantstoviewporn noted, “In the end it was actually a problem, people liked the mother so much they really hated the end of the show.”

Eventually, the show infamously follows Tracy dying of an unknown illness after marrying Ted, who years later realizes he still harbors feelings for Robin. Many critics slammed the narrative choice, deeming it a failed attempt to introduce an unpredictable twist to the plot that betrayed its main characters (via The Mary Sue). Worse, it seemed to make Tracy a minor footnote in Ted’s life — even after she wowed viewers with her winning charisma.

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