The Best And Worst Things In Tim Burton’s Batman

The late Minneapolis rock, pop, soul and funk master was a key component in putting together a soundtrack for Batman. By the 1980s, producers had realized they had another money-making outlet through star-studded soundtracks for their blockbuster films. Prince, a household name just a few years from his peak of fame in the mid-’80s, delivered a slew of tunes.

Prince fans know it was unlike him to sacrifice his artistic integrity to fit a mold for a Hollywood film. Luckily he didn’t. The zany villainy of The Joker was perfectly juxtaposed with Prince’s lustrous tunes, and its memorable music video would tap into the strange duality of the two sworn enemies.

The album resulted in a #1 position on the billboards for the artist and provided the iconic, heavily played video for “Batdance”. Prince’s music also helped set the tone in several scenes through Batman.

Take, for example, the Joker’s rampage through a local museum, where they destroy valuable art with their own crude additions; Boombox in tow, the sinister clown and his crew dance through the museum and slap fresh paint on masterpieces to the beat of Prince’s “Partyman”. It’s a mischievous display that demands a guilty chuckle.

Another memorable note is struck when Prince’s song “Trust” plays while The Joker parades through the streets of Gotham and tosses $20 million in cash at the crowd. It helps emphasize the villain’s sense of showmanship and how he loves to use Gotham’s own worst qualities against himself.

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