Teppen—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anime trailer previews OP, ED theme song music

Five groups of girls compete in Teppen to make their dreams come true—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Photo credit: driving

The new carpet—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anime trailer PV has been released highlighting the theme songs of OP and ED. Teppen’s release date is July 2, 2022 on ABEMA.

It will air on July 2, 2022 on TOKYO MX, Chukyo TV and BS Nittele, July 3, 2022 on Sun TV, July 5, 2022 on Hokkaido TV and July 7, 2022 on AT-X. The show is streamed on various platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, d anime store, U-NEXT etc.

The trailer PV introduces us to all 15 characters in the 5 Manzai groups. The trailer also previews the anime’s OP and ED theme songs.

The Teppen OP theme song “Teppen Heaven ~ TOP OF THE LAUGH !!! ~” is performed by Teppen All Stars, the show’s 15 main cast members. Teppen ED’s theme song, “Ahatte Teppen”, is performed by May’n.

Here is the Teppen trailer PV released by the production team on the official Bushiroad Youtube channel:

Cast and staff of Teppen

The main cast of the anime includes:

The cast of Young Wai-Wai, the Manzai group representing the Kansai region.

  • Mikoi Sasaki as Yuzu Hosono
  • Ayasa Ito as Yayoi Sakamoto
  • Aimi as Yomogi Takahashi

The cast of Celebri-Tea, the Manzai group representing the Tokai region.

  • Riko Kohara as Mako Shirakabe
  • Saika Kitamori as Saeka Yabukita
  • Yuki Wakai as Hikari Jogasaki

The cast of Akudare Okoku, the Manzai group representing the Kanto region.

  • Himari Hazuki as Hina Kasama
  • Megu Sakuragawa as Miyu Komatsuzaki
  • Moe Toyota as Misao Ushiku

The cast of Shinryakusha, the Manzai group representing the Hokkaido area.

  • Momoyo Koyama as Chihori Hokuto
  • Nanae Kojima as Yuina Rokkatei
  • Aina Suzuki as Mone Ishiya

The cast of Dangan Kunoichi, the Manzai group representing the Kansai area.

  • Mayu Sagara as Iroha Akishika
  • Aina Aiba as Kana Kiyotsuru
  • Honoka Kuroki as Chitose Amano

Toshinori Watanabe is directing the anime at Studio Drive, with Shinji Takamatsu serving as executive director. Jun Kumagai is in charge of the series’ scripts. Yoshiyuki Okubo is designing the characters and Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund is composing the music.

More about Teppen—!!!

Tapping—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anime based on the tapping—!!! Manga series written by Inujun and illustrated by Namamugi. It is published in Bushiroad’s Monthly Bushiroad Magazine since January 2021. It was collected in two tankobon volumes.

The manga is based on the comedy trio Team Y, composed of Itou, Aimi, and Sasaki, and follows the group as they attempt to become the greatest comedians.

For more information about the series, visit the official Teppen website.

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