Temperature Checks At Theme Parks Have Been Done Away With

Temperature Checks At Theme Parks Have Been Done Away With

As more people have taken all the doses for the Covid-19 vaccine, certain areas are pulling back on the Covid-19 restrictions. Now theme parks and other places have stopped checking the temperature of employees, visitors, etc. Health experts have said that this move is fine in the current scenario.

Temperature Checks At Theme Parks Have Been Done Away With

A number of theme parks in Florida, such as Disney World, Legoland Florida, SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay and Universal Studios Orlando Resort, have announced that they will stop temperature checks. The theme parks have said that they plan on ending the screening of visitors and d employees via temperature checks.

Temperature Checks At Theme Parks Have Been Done Away With

Along with theme parks, every Cedar Fair property in the United States, such as Cedar Point and Kings Island, said they would do away with the temperature checks. Their reasoning behind this is the changing government and medical guidelines on dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.

This trend seems to be a common theme as many areas that are still required to adhere to this safety guidelines seem to have become lax. Recently the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has seen fit to discontinue the temperature checks at airports for passengers from particular countries in September. In Pennsylvania, the mandate requiring employees temperature to be checked will no longer be valid from the 31st of May. 

In response to this, medical professionals and health, experts say that this step is fine. This is due to the fact that there has been a drastic decrease in the number of Covid-19 cases of late. Moreover, health officials have found temperature checks to be not as effective a method for screening as previously thought. 

The temperature checks were included in the Covid 19 safety guidelines by many businesses and institutions. The reason for this is that checking the temperature enables one to recognize if someone has a fever. Fever is one of the many symptoms that indicate a person has contracted the Covid-19 virus. 

Initially, there was a lack of immediate testing systems in place to discern who has the Coronavirus. So it was a sensible option to use temperature checks to figure out who was affected and potentially curb the spread. In accordance, when businesses and institutions reopened, temperature checks were one of many safety procedures that were put in place to help identify carriers of the virus. 

Institutions such as schools, offices, restaurants, salons, manufacturing facilities, and theme parks made use of non-contact thermometers that were meant to be aimed at the forehead. As per the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the fever threshold was monitored. Those who were found to have a temperature of over 100.4°F were either denied entry or sent for further screening.

The flaw in this safety procedure was its lack of effectiveness in identifying certain people who had the virus and could pass it to others. Medical professionals found that people who had the SARS-COV-2, Covid-19 is caused as a result of this virus, do not exhibit fever or any symptoms commonly associated with the Coronavirus. 

In such situations, the results could be disastrous, seeing as those who do not show signs of symptoms can still spread the virus to others.  According to Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, the time when the infectiousness of the virus is at its peak is before the symptoms appear. Dr El-Sayed explained, “When (a disease) shows symptoms sooner, temperature checks are more valuable. When you’re infectious before symptoms, they’re not as helpful.”

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention also found the temperature screenings at airports to be lacking in effectiveness. Dr El-Sayed stated, “I think if businesses want to do it, it’s fine. It’s not going to hurt. But as a measure in the pandemic, it’s not particularly helpful.”

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