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The makers of Shin Kamen Rider leave no gap in entertaining their audience. Recently, the Shin Kamen Rider Movie official website released a teaser trailer. The site also released some additional information related to the film’s release. One of the additional information provided by the official website is a poster from the creators. The visual poster also contained some sensitive information.

The vision and pen that shaped this film came from the person named Hideaki Anno. Originally, the entire Shin Kamen Rider entertainment collection was an adaptation of the Kamen Rider manga. The person who illustrated this manga is Shotaro Ishinomori.

Shin Kamen Rider Movie

Movie “Shin Kamen Rider”: teaser and poster released!

The creators released the teaser and poster of the Shin Kamen Rider movie on the official website. It was the last Friday that the creators released information about the upcoming film. The teaser trailer in the official announcement introduced the audience to the complex relationship between Takeshi and Ruriko. On the other hand, the trailer was also peppered with great fight sequence teasers.

The visual poster released had the main character of Takeshi at its center. Takeshi was on the poster in his superhero dress along with his bike. Both sides of the poster were filled with cast and crew related information.

Shin Kamen Rider Movie

What is the movie about?

The upcoming movie is about an evil organization, Shocker, and its antagonist, Takeshi. Shocker kidnaps Takeshi and upgrades his body to supernatural levels. Before they manage to use him, however, he runs away from them. Afterwards, Takeshi becomes the Kamen rider while riding the bike to bring out Shocker’s evil intentions. With his enhanced abilities, Takeshi tries to bring peace to the world.

In the film’s teaser trailer, a second Kamen driver appeared in front of the audience. However, it is not clear on which side the new driver will fight. The audience will have to wait until the release to know the answer to this question.

Shin Kamen Rider Movie

Shin Kamen Rider Movie Release Date

The poster for the Shin Kamen Rider movie revealed the release date for the movie is March 2023. The delay in release is due to the film’s excessive use of CGI. CGI takes a lot of time; That’s why it takes longer to release sci-fi movies.


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