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Fans are glad that unlike all Spring 2022 anime, Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Episode 10 won’t say goodbye to them this week. The anime has endured some delays over the past week, resulting in an extension of the schedule. So now fans are looking forward to watching the tenth episode this week. In this outing, Shikimori will pay a visit to Izumi’s house after he found out he was ill. So here’s everything you need to know about the episode.

In the upcoming storyline, Shikimori will take care of Izumi with all his heart. After finding out he was ill, she would take all the goodies to his house and insist on staying there. However, fans have yet to figure out why Izumi is hiding this information from Shikimori. This answer will also take the spotlight.

Shikimoris Not Just a Cute Episode 7

Shikimori Isn’t Just a Cute Episode 10: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the next episode of Shikimori is “Desire To Win”. The next episode will surely take a look at how Shikimori comes to meet up with Izumi. Even though she’s a little mad at him for not telling her about her health, she wouldn’t tell him that now. After all things are settled and Izumi is healthy again, this is when she will share this with him.

Until then, Shikimori will take care of Izumi in Episode 10 of Not Just A Cutie. She brought flowers, fruits and medicines for Izumi. It’s also possible that Izumi shares why he hasn’t told her about it in the past. The outing will surely be filled with love and romance in every way.

Shikimori isn't just a cute episode 10

Summary of the previous episode!

The title of Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Episode 9 was “Innocence and Clumsiness”. The episode began with Inuzuka stating that Izumi was ill. Shikimori finds out about this as well, and she asks Inuzuka if she could join her and follow her to Izumi’s house. But Hachimitsu got there and saw that Shikimori treated her brother well. So he questioned her about it. On the way to the house, Shikimori met up with Kamiya near the mall.

She asked the two to join her on the basketball court. Shikimori didn’t refuse. The next scene was about them playing different rounds of the game. The final act of the episode saw Nekozaki sitting with Kamiya and asking her why she was always so upset. In the end, Kamiya also felt better when she thought about the conversation.

Shikimori isn't just a cute episode 10

Shikimori Isn’t Just A Cute Episode 10: Release Date

This week could have been the conclusion of Shikimori’s story. But the interruptions in the middle caused a delay in the schedule. So, Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Episode 10 will be released non-stop this week. The final release date of the anime is June 26, 2022. Fans can watch all episodes of the anime only on Crunchyroll official pages. So keep an eye on this page for more information about it.


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