Superman & Lois Fans Sound Off On Their Favorite Superpower

In a now-deleted poll by a now-deleted Reddit user, “Superman & Lois” fans were given a chance to vote for their favorite Superman power the program has featured so far. Abilities like heat vision and super strength were streamlined in the comments section, but before it disappeared from the web, one option ultimately won the vote: flight. “It’s the only thing I really want. When I was a kid obsessed with Lois and Clark, I always had dreams of flying,” u/Thejerseygirl wrote, sharing an opinion that many others who voted for the flight would likely agree with.

Superman’s flight has become a staple of his character over the past several decades and clearly shows just how powerful the Last Son of Krypton really is. Although, did you know that this power didn’t appear until a few years after his comic book series? Initially, he could only jump great distances without staying in the air. That all changed in 1941, however, when the artist Leo Nowak mistakenly drew him flying instead of jumping. Between that and the cartoons and audio dramas of the era that gave him the ability to fly, tweaking stuck for the long haul (via Gizmodo).

Superman has a number of memorable powers, and all of them hold a special place in the character’s legacy. However, the image of him flying through the sky, arms outstretched, red cloak flapping in the wind, remains unmatched in Superman & Lois, in issues of DC Comics and everywhere in between. No wonder fans love it so much.

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