Superior Tests Are Assisted To Spot Glaucoma

Superior Tests Are Assisted To Spot Glaucoma

A new research test is founded by the researchers that, glaucoma is identified as a leading cause of vision loss mainly in old people and this can be detected very early in the initial stages. Early detection is advantageous on the other hand because better treatment can be applied to the respective patient.  

Superior Tests Are Assisted To Spot Glaucoma

To date, the patient’s condition was diagnosed with the experience and other symptoms of the body while this research has created a new option for the same as per the experts in the medical field.

Superior Tests Are Assisted To Spot Glaucoma

At present, American researchers are conducting experiments on genetic tests to identify and prove the presence of glaucoma more than 15 times for the people who are facing major risks on glaucoma disease compared to the current genetic tests.

Owen Siggs is the lead researcher and author of this study stated that “on early diagnosis, the glaucoma is certified as vision-saving treatment, this is only applicable for initial stage patients” on other note genetic information is potentially given to the edge for making treatments on early diagnosis with better decisions on treatments. 

According to a recent news release from Flinders University, Siggs reported that there might be new tests analyzed and conducted by using saliva and blood samples, on these samples the are chances for identifying the patients who are facing high risks from glaucoma. These trials are being done to make sure the treatments before they suffer from irreversible vision loss.

Owen is the associate professor from medical research center from many top universities, where he and his team had conducted experiments on some patients to prove the treatment method that is applicable for all stages in glaucoma.

The study authors had explained that the new and trending screening methods of this study have shown promises for a cure. Whereas, they are still trying to find out the easy and efficient methods which can treatable without pain and early treatments to stop the initial stage disease.

U.S. eye experts stated that “this new study is involved within 2,500 people across the World, mainly Americans with glaucoma disease” on another note, there are 411,000 additional participants reported with and without glaucoma disease.

Dr. Mark Fromer is a famous ophthalmologist, explained some factors related to glaucoma diseases that “chronic open-angle glaucoma is certified as a painless disease with a little sight of threatening which often goes with away and remained undetected until the extensive visual damages are identified and occurred”. Usually, these can be treated and detected at early stages and visual loss is limited.

Former added the statement that “genetic testing is not the current trend to identify glaucoma with a formula basis” but this is having a great value on screening with adjunct on the identification of lot people, but is not applied for some patients with glaucoma. These new tests are considered to have a great potential for a chance to find a way for identifying glaucoma patients.

Jamie Craig is the senior author and professor of this study stated that “findings are proved with potential on new genetics for glaucoma management and screening tests” Jamie runs the glaucoma research program with a huge team.

According to the findings “researchers are now in a strong position for initial tests on clinical trials for glaucoma disease” when glaucoma is well diagnosed, several treatment options are offered which slowdowns the vision loss and halts the progression.

The researcher’s team concluded that “we are creating a huge team to test the clinical trials for developing an accredited test for glaucoma patients” this process is embiggened soon in the year 2022.

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