Studies Show Lesser Medical Follow-Ups for Black Covid Patients

The University of Michigan conducted a study focusing on Black Covid-19 patients. The study shows that black coronavirus patients have lower chances of medical follow-ups after being hospitalized.

The study also shows that black patients waited longer than other racial groups to return to work.

A study was conducted upon 2,217 Covid-19 patients after 60 days from hospitalization.

Studies Show Lesser Medical Follow-Ups for Black Covid Patients

Study shows, about 50 percent of the patients of color were readmitted to the hospital within 60 days of their release. Patients of color are 65% more likely to face moderate to severe financial crises because of Covid-19. 

The black patients specifically faced challenges in returning to their jobs after recovering from Covid-19.  The average time black patients have to wait is approximately 35.5 days. It comes out to be the longest delay out of all the racial groups.   

Studies Show Lesser Medical Follow-Ups for Black Covid Patients

Dr. Sheria, the lead researcher, said, “black adults also struggle to find workplace accommodation after returning to work.” She added, “people consider Covid-19 only as a cause of death or something that brings mild cold post-Covid they don’t think is about the post-Covid effects people are facing.” 

Dr. Sheria says that the most surprising revelation the study made was about the lack of follow-ups with physicians. Such an outcome indicates an improvement in the discharge plans to better serve the patients. The lack of follow-ups can be due to the shortage in the number of physicians or the stigma surrounding the visit into the doctor’s office when infected with the Covid-19 virus. 

She added that the hospitals need to improve their services in terms of coordinating care to help them find out what the patients actually need. She said, ” We are observing a high number of people dying within 60 days of hospitalizations.”

A study made a shocking revelation that black Covid-19 patients showed a higher number of deaths compared to white Covid-19 patients last year. The study was published in the National Cancer Institute‘s Annals of Internal Medicine.

The study states that in 2020, the deaths due to Covid-19 among the black and native Americans were approximately four times higher than the white Americans.

Dr. Sheria says that an improved and more accessible social service concerning Covid-19 must be in place. The Covid-19 social services must help people who have been financially hit by the virus. 

The set up of covid-19 specific care centers is an essentiality for those suffering from long-term post-Covid-19 effects. She added, ” this is going to be a challenging task, but it has to be done.”

Covid-19 continues to be a global pandemic, and the low vaccination rates in the United States highlight the increased risk of its spread with the highly contagious Delta variant in place. 

Dr. Sheria also spoke about the importance of vaccines against Covid-19 and said, ” vaccination is essential, and everyone must continue with the practice of masking. Especially our essential workers who are working under more exposing conditions and are highly vulnerable to infection.” 

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