Storm Delayed COVID-19 Vaccine Doses, To Be Delivered Soon -White House Confirmed

 Since the Storm has delayed vaccine supply, many people have been in fear and distress about getting their vaccine supply.

After an anticipated wait, the White House officials have confirmed that they will be getting the COVID19 Vaccine boxes containing the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Storm Delayed COVID-19 Vaccine Doses, To Be Delivered Soon -White House Confirmed

6 million COVID19 doses were delayed as the supply was stuck halfway due to an immense storm that has hit hard across the state. This has delayed the administration of second-dose vaccines to many patients who were due to take their COVID vaccine.

Storm Delayed COVID-19 Vaccine Doses, To Be Delivered Soon -White House Confirmed

The winter storm has made things miserable for people after electricity blacked out left millions in darkness.

A power failure has forced many COVID vaccination sites to shut down. The spread was rapid but slowed down when the vacation was made available. But the storm took everything away, forcing the vaccination sites to shut down due to a shortage of vaccine doses. Only some mobile vaccination spots were actively providing services and were readily helping patients who were needing their first COVID19 vaccine dose. Officials said that the White House will do the best they can, in getting the vaccine doses delivered.

The 6 million doses were meant for 3 days, which was delayed by the storm. The federal government is planning to deliver the doses soon that includes backlogged vaccines as well as those meant to be delivered this week. The members of the military and a team appointed by the government have helped the government-run distribution and transportation of the vaccines.

McKesson is a group that the government took help from, to ease the logistics and supply of coronavirus vaccines. The employees were working on a tight deadline to prepare shipments. Even though the doses will be quickly delivered, vaccination sites will take time to begin inoculating the contracted people.

Vaccination sites are suggested to follow the same procedures, by extending the working hours and speeding up the delivery, scheduling more appointments to help the public get vaccinated. In some parts of the country, large vaccination sites are still shut because of the hard-hit storm. Talking about vaccinations in Texas, the storm forced the residents to live without electricity, forcing the vaccine administration to drop by 31%.

Although 6 million vaccines were not delivered because of the storm, 2 million have been delivered but not yet administered because of the severe weather conditions. The officials are expecting to speed up the vaccination process by end of this week, by administering the ones in line first. The Pfizer manufacturing plant in Kalamazoo will soon be getting the obstacles of delivery cleared and residents can get their vaccine doses in time soon.

So far, 61 million vaccine doses have been administered and more than 42 million people have received their first dose vaccines. 17 million people have been vaccinated with the 2 dose vaccines. Biden administration is keen on providing 100 million vaccine doses in a time frame of 100 days.

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