Covid-19 Update; Officials State The Latest Brazil Variant Case Reported In England.

Health officials from the United Kingdom confirmed the presence of Brazil variant in the country and trying to trace one person in England who has been infected with a concerning variant of coronavirus first found in Brazil. They are one out of six cases of the P1 variant found in the country in February. The person did not complete a test registration dorm so remains unidentified prompting an appeal for anyone without a result from a test on 12 or 13 February to come forward. Labor stated that “there had been a lack of a comprehensive border system.” The P1 variant was first detected in travelers to japan from Manaus in northern Brazil in January.

Officials State The Latest Brazil Variant Case Reported In England.

Regarding the new variant, a recent report states that there is no evidence that any of them cause much more serious illness for most people who become infected. As with the original version, the risk is highest for people who are elderly or have significant underlying health conditions.

For the UK variant, there is some research suggesting it may be associated with a 30% higher risk of death. The data about the new variant is still uncertain though. Measures such as washing your hands, keeping your distance from other people, and wearing a face-covering will still help prevent infections. Because the new variants appear to spread more easily it is important to be extra vigilant.

In the beginning, the first three cases have been detected in England and separately three in Scotland. In England, officials are still trying to track down one of those who tested positive for the new variant. The three Scottish residents had flown to north-east Scotland from Brazil via Paris and London, the Scottish government said. There are also concerns vaccines may not be as effective against it – but NHS England’s Prof Stephen Powis said vaccines could be “rapidly adapted.”

Dr. Susan Hopkins, from Public Health England (PHE), said the UK was more advanced than many other countries in identifying the variants and mutations and therefore able to act quickly.

From the government, side response came from the Health Secretary Matt Hancock who held a meeting later to update MPs from all parties about the variant. 

To find the unidentified person in England who was infected with the P1 variant, officials are asking anyone who took a test on 12 or 13 February and who has not received a result or has an uncompleted test registration card to come forward immediately by calling 119.

At was beginning of this month the hotel quarantine rule came into force. According to the rule, the travelers coming to England from 33 red-listed countries which includes brazil must pay to quarantine in a hotel for a minimum of 10 days, while in Scotland the rule applies to an international traveler from all countries. 

Before this rule, the travelers arriving in the UK still needed to self-isolate in their homes for 10 days. But Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi said it was not known whether the unidentified person had recently been abroad, so it was not clear if they would have been self-isolating while they were infected.

“We need to find them as soon as possible,” he told also added that PHE was working with the postal service to try to locate them.

Mr. Zahawi also defended the testing system as “pretty robust” and said the UK’s strategy of using surge testing to help identify cases of the variant was like other countries such as Australia.

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