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Spy X Family Episode 17 releases a special anime key visual and the chance to win poster

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Key visual for Spy X Family Episode 17 Mission:
Key visual for Spy X Family Episode 17 Mission: “Execute the Plan Griffin”. Photo credit: @spyfamily_anime/Twitter

On October 29, 2022, the official Twitter account for the anime adaptation of Tatsuya Endo’s Spy X Family action, comedy, and spy manga released a special key visual inspired by the events of Spy X Family Episode 17.

You can see the key visual with Anya on a griffin and Damien Desmond with the “baby griffin” here:

Full-size keyframe for the Spy X Family Episode 17 mission: Execute the plan Griffin.
Full-size keyframe for the Spy X Family Episode 17 mission: Execute the plan Griffin. Photo credit: @spyfamily_anime/Twitter

If you like the key visual, you have a chance to win the poster by following the Spy X Family official account and retweeting the post with the new key visual.

Spy X Family Episode 17 included three missions titled: Execute the plan Griffin, Fullmetal Lady, Lady of Steel, and Omurice (Omelette Rice).

The episode started with Anya coming up with a new plan to befriend Damien. She had a new family photo taken with her new dog Bond, which she wanted to share with Damien. Unfortunately, when Becky caught a glimpse of Anya’s family photo and realized how handsome Loid is, she snapped the picture and decided to keep it.

Anya was then forced to come up with another plan to befriend Damien. During the art class, the children were told to use the art supplies to make animals. The real test of this activity was to see if the children would share the limited art supplies. Anya makes a small Bond model and then reads Damien’s mind to discover that he wants to create a Griffin to be his family’s crest.

Anya decides this is the perfect opportunity to score some points with Damien and kindly offers to help him. Things don’t quite go to plan and Anya’s help does more harm than good. In a last-ditch effort to turn things around, Anya turns her little Bond model into a “Baby Griffin” and offers it to Damien.

Screenshot of Spy X Family Episode 17 with Damien's griffin.
Screenshot of Spy X Family Episode 17 with Damien’s griffin. Image credits: WitStudio and Cloverworks

Fortunately, the teachers eventually come to the conclusion that Damien’s rough model of a griffin represents the country at war and that the “baby griffin” is a perished child. Damien wins a gold medal for the play.

Unfortunately Damien decides the play isn’t good enough to show his father and so Anya’s plan still fails. Damien vows to become an Imperial Scholar to make his father proud.

Screenshot of Spy X Family Episode 17 with Anya's pathetic baby gryphon.
Screenshot of Spy X Family Episode 17 with Anya’s pathetic baby gryphon. Image credits: WitStudio and Cloverworks

The episode continues with Mission: “Fullymetal Lady” which is based on Sylvia Sherwood and Not Fiona Frost, as some fans have speculated. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until then next Episode (or even the one after!) before we get Fiona Frost’s long-awaited debut.

Mission: “Fullmetal Lady” starts with the head of the Westalis Intelligence Office WISE, Anti-East Division, followed by agents. At the Westalis Embassy in the East, Sylvia did public work as a diplomat and worked behind the scenes, managing large numbers of agents under the close surveillance of the secret police. Her peers were impressed by her imposing presence and strength, and nicknamed her the “Fullmetal Lady”.

Sylvia made sure to have a very predictable schedule so the agents who followed her would eventually get bored and slack off. This gave her the perfect opportunity to dress up while she was supposed to be at the pool and then meet up with Twilight. Sylvia knows she can roam freely in enemy territory for about an hour.

During a meeting with Twilight, she reported on the Desmond campaign’s income and expense report. Meanwhile, Twilight freaks out when he realizes that Sylvia still has a tag on her new coat and can’t tell her about it. He later reports to her that Anya excels in sports, which the handler considers unimportant information.

The last mission: “Operation Omurice” was as I feared – Yor cooked poor Yuri Omurice when they were younger. Unfortunately, Yuri wasn’t honest with his sister about how horrible her kitchen was when she made him omurice and henceforth was exposed to her terrible cooking skills. But as the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” And the fact that Yuri Yors was able to survive cooking made him a very powerful secret police agent.

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Who are the members of the production team?

Spy X Family Part 2 production team members include:

  • Director – Kazuhiro Furuhashi
  • Animation – WitStudio and Cloverworks
  • Character Designer – Kazuaki Shimada
  • Artistic Directors – Hisayo Usui, Kazuo Nagai
  • Chief Animation Directors – Kazuaki Shimada, Kyoji Asano
  • 3D Director – Kana Imagaki
  • Sound Director – Shouji Hata
  • Cameraman – Akane Fushihara
  • Assistant Directors – Norihito Takahashi, Takahiro Harada, Takashi, Katagiri
  • Music Composer – KnowName

Who are the new and returning cast members of Spy x Family Part 2?

Spy X Family Part 2 cast includes:

  • Atsumi Tanezaki – Anya Counterfeiter
  • Saori Hayami – Your Counterfeiter
  • Yakuya Eguchi – Loid Forger
  • Emiri Katou – Becky Blackbell
  • Hana Sato – Emile Elman
  • Haruka OkamuraEwen Egeberg
  • Hiroyuki YoshinoFranky Franklin
  • Kazuhiro Yamaji-Henry Henderson
  • Kensho Ono-Yuri Briar
  • Manaka Iwami – Millie
  • Mirei Kumagai-Sharon
  • Natsumi FujiwaraDamian Desmond
  • Shouhei Kajikawa—Dominic
  • Umeka Shouji—Camilla
  • Yuko Kaida-Syliva Sherwood
  • Akio Ohtsuka – WISE Director
  • Hiroki YasumotoBill Watkins
  • Junichi Suwabe – Shopkeeper of “Garden”
  • Kenichirou Matsuda – Narrator
  • Hiroki Takahashi-Keith Kepler

What is the plot of Spy X Family?

To keep the peace between the rival nations of Westalis and Ostania, a Western agent codenamed “Twilight” is tasked with spying on Donovan Desmond – the leader of Ostania’s National Unity Party. However, Desmond is known for being an eccentric recluse who is very suspicious of strangers. The only way for Twilight to get close to Desmond is to enroll a child in the same private school, Eden Academy, and pose as co-parents.

Twilight creates the alias “Loid Forger”, adopts a young orphan girl named Anya, and marries a woman named Yor Briar so he can present the school with a facade of a happy family. However, Loid is not the only one who keeps secrets in the family. Anya is secretly an Esper and can read minds. Anya is aware that her adoptive father is actually a spy and her adoptive mother is a professional assassin.

Neither Loid nor Yor know each other’s identities. Later, the family decides to adopt a dog that has been experimented on until it gains precognitive abilities. Anya decides to name the dog Bond after her favorite spy cartoon. As Loid struggles to learn how to be a good father and husband, and lacks common sense from all his years as a spy, he somehow manages to form strong bonds with his new family.

Do you like Spy X Family Part 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

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