SNL Cast Members Who Couldn’t Stand Each Other In Real Life

Chevy Chase hasn’t been shy about sharing his thoughts on the newer seasons of Saturday Night Live. Chase told the Washington Post in 2018, “First of all, between you and me and a lamppost, gosh, I don’t mean to put Lorne or the cast down, but I’m just saying, maybe unofficially, I’m amazed that Lorne went so deep.” has sunk. I had to watch a bit of it and I just couldn’t believe it.

Shortly thereafter, Pete Davidson, then in his fourth year as an SNL cast member, responded to Chase’s criticism of The Howard Stern Show. As reported by Variety, Davidson called Chase several colorful expletives, saying, “I hate this guy. He’s just a really bad, racist person and I don’t like him.”

“What’s he done since ’83? Nothing,” Davidson told Stern. “He had a really great career, but then it stopped because everyone realized he was aj— off.” Davidson also took issue with Chase’s comments about Lorne Michaels, which he described as extremely offensive to the famous creator of “SNL.” looked. “It’s also just disrespectful to Lorne, a guy who gave you a career. No matter how big you get, you can’t forget what this guy did for you,” Davidson said.

In 2022, responding to Davidson’s rebukes, as well as others who remained critical of his behavior, Chase told CBS This Morning, “I don’t give a shit. I am who I am. And I like…who I am. I do not care. And it’s part of me that I don’t care. And I’ve thought about it a lot. And I don’t know what to tell you, man. I just don’t care.”

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