Slade Smiley Life Style And Facts, 6 Major Things You Need To Know!

Slade Smiley Life Style And 6 Major Things You Need To Know!. Slade Smiley is an American television and businessman who gained fame in the US following his appearance in the show on television, The Real Housewives of Orange Country. 

Slade Smiley and his then-girlfriend were the first to be cast in Bravo’s television show The Real Housewives of Orange Country and became an integral part of the series from its launch of the series. 

Slade Smiley Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Girlfriends, Height And Weight!

Slade Smiley also has an online radio station called “Radio Slade” that is dedicated to pop-culture.

Slade Smiley

Slade Smiley Early Life

Slade Smiley was born on the 29th of October 1973 and is from Oakland, California. Slade was taken to Anchorage, Alaska by his parents. 

Her name was Elizabeth Larson Smiley, his father’s name isn’t available. There isn’t any information on Slade Smiley’s relatives, besides his mother’s name. He is to the Caucasian ethnicity. As of his faith, he follows Christianity. 

Slade was interested in music and acting at an early age. He began singing in the local chorus of Anchorage at 13 years old.

He was also involved in drama and musical school performances. Slade completed his post-secondary studies at University of Alaska and California University and holds a master’s diploma from the international school of business.

Slade Smiley Career

After his studies, Slade Smiley started his cycling career. He was also a member of the US national team of cyclists at Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center.

He was a competitor for ten years as a professional cyclist and has participated in numerous sports events, including Tour De France in 2003. The cycling experience he had gained led his to California and following his professional career as cyclist, he moved to modeling back in. He was a model for well-known and prestigious brands such as Adidas, Volkswagen, Gillette among others. 

He has also been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1995. Slade was a regular on television shows in the early 2000s, and was prominent on his role in the Bravo TV series, The Real Housewives of Orange Country. 

Slade is the proprietor of Grayson Entertainment, LLC, and his business specializes in consulting, marketing, and branding development for prominent brands.

Slade Smiley TV Career

Slade Smiley started his career on television in 2005, when his then-fiancée Jo De La Rosa and Smiley were selected for the debut season “The Real Housewives Of Orange County”. The show is a 16-season TV show that follows housewives from the upper classes who reside within Coto DE Caza, Orange Country one of the richest areas in California.

The show highlighted relationships between Slade Smiley and Jo De La Rosa and included Slade’s relationship with the two kids he has, Gavin and Grayson. 

The couple walked away from the show after completing their relationship during the second season of the show in 2007. 

In the following season, Slade Smiley and Jo De La Rosa were on another Bravo TV show named “Date My Ex” which highlighted the relationship between the couple even after their breakup. 

In the year 2009 Slade Smiley reappeared in the show as the lover to one of the wives Gretchen Christine Rossi. Slade Smiley also owns the radio station “Radio Slade”.

Slade Smiley Girlfriends

Slade Smiley was seen dating Jo De La Rosa in the very first episode of RHOC. The couple was engaged at the time. Slade and Jo ended their wedding after two seasons on RHOC. 

They were good friends with one another. There was also rumors to be being in a relationship with Janice Kakish but there were no official announcements on the speculation. Slade was also believed to be being in a relationship with Cassandra Hepburn, an American reality TV star, before he began dating Jo De La Rosa. 

Smiley began to date his long-time friend Gretchen Christine in 2009, and they got engaged in 2013. The couple hasn’t tied their wedding ceremony yet, but they are engaged. Slade Smiley and Gretchen Christine have a daughter named Skylar Gray.

Slade Smiley’s Net Worth

Slade Smiley’s net worth is estimated to be Slade Smiley is 100,000 US dollars. The main source of income is from his radio channel and business venture. 

Slade and his wife Gretchen lives a lavish lifestyle with their family in Costa Mesa.

Slade Smiley Height And Weight

Its height Slade Smiley is 5 foot 6 inches and 176 cms. The famous TV star weighs 70kgs and turns the age of 49 in this calendar year. The colour of his eyes and hair are black.

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