Single Dose Of Sputnik V Vaccine Triggers Strong Antibody Response Study

Single Dose Of Sputnik V Vaccine Triggers Strong Antibody Response Study

The world is trying to come to terms with the new way of life. The Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the world. During such times, scientists are working hard to come up with a vaccine to counter the virus. New studies are underway regarding the efficacy of a single dose of vaccine in comparison to two doses.

There are several vaccines doing the rounds like AstraZeneca, Indian homegrown vaccines like Covaxin, and the recent Sputnik V. The makers say that a single dose of Sputnik V can provide a strong antibody response to SARS-Co-V-2.

Single Dose Of Sputnik V Vaccine Triggers Strong Antibody Response Study

In the recent past, reports mentioned the requirement of two doses to create an antibody response. Sputnik V is a vector vaccine that has 92% efficacy. It is a combination of adenoviruses. The Russian vaccine is in use in more than seventy countries. 

Single Dose Of Sputnik V Vaccine Triggers Strong Antibody Response Study

Is A Single Dose Of Sputnik V Enough?

The researchers aim to find out whether a single dose will suffice. Moreover, it can get the entire population vaccinated quickly enough. There is an acute shortage of vaccines in many parts of the world. Therefore, most governments have taken to alternate measures, by increasing the time gap between two doses. It is seen, that people are getting infected after taking one shot. The data will provide a response to ongoing debates to face the global emergency. 

AstraZeneca shows 76 % efficacy after one dose. Moderna and Pfizer show the same amount of efficacy after the first dose in infected individuals. The second one does not matter, according to such researches.

Recent researches carried out in Argentina on about 300 health workers have shown astonishing results. Three weeks after the second dose, previously healthy individuals generated virus-specific immunoglobulin G antibodies or IgG. This is the most common antibody produced.

However, the same antibodies developed in the blood within three weeks of receiving the first dose. Neutralizing antibodies were found in the blood of both data samples. These have the power to stop the virus from infecting the cells. 

Moreover, it has been seen that the quantity of neutralizing antibodies or IgG is much higher after the first dose than after the second dose for samples with no prior infection. The second doses also do not show a significant increase in antibodies of previously infected volunteers. 

Sputnik V Produces Robust Response

Thus, the research findings show that the body’s natural immunity gets a boost after the first does itself. A single dose of mRNA vaccine can produce a better response than two doses of others.

Scientists from across the globe have also stated that Sputnik V is also effective against the Delta variant. A single dose of the vaccine has shown 94% efficacy among recovered Covid patients. Thus, there is no need to go for a second dose.

After 21 days of receiving the first dose, spike-specific antibodies develop in individuals. The vaccine seems to work extremely well on previously infected individuals who develop a strong antibody response. 

Recently, there has been an acute shortage of vaccines in some countries. Most governments have set the deadline to complete vaccination by the 2021-year end. However, the deadline seems like a distant dream. Under such circumstances, such a single-dose vaccine can assist in completing the drive sooner.

However, more research is required on the same. At the moment the recent findings of more than 94% efficacy can bring relief to vaccine shortage ravaged countries. There is a need for more quantitative information on the Sputnik V vaccine.

However, everybody is looking for the first dose at least in the meanwhile. If reports and findings are to be believed, there will be no requirement for a second. 

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