Shiba Will Leave The Team! Release Date


Ao Ashi Chapter 293 will finally reveal the fate of Shiba’s career. In the previous chapter he had a personal conversation with Ashito. He spoke about his entire career and how things had turned out now. Shiba also revealed how his ex-wife reacted when he revealed he wanted to retire after the upcoming football tournament.

Now in the upcoming episode he will discuss his plans with the rest of the team. Since the article about his resignation was published, they are currently in a dilemma state. They wanted the truth out of his mouth. Meanwhile, his fans will surround the soccer field to get Shiba’s answer. Read on to find out more.

Ao Ashi Chapter 293

Ao Ashi Chapter 293: What Will Happen Next?

When Shiba decided to confront the team about his early retirement, he encountered a stubborn boy sleeping in the middle of the floor. Shiba announced that he plans to retire and now the team has to work hard to qualify for the upcoming tournament. But this boy will do something that will send Shiba into shock. He will find new inspiration to compete in the next tournament.

Ashito will be happy to see Shiba back in shape. He never expected that one little boy could change everything. But his attitude towards life will shock Ashito. The carefree and stubborn attitude will remind Ashito of himself. He will ask him his name and ask him to train with them. Shiba will be surprised, but let Ashito take care of the boy and train her under her name.

Ao Ashi Chapter 293

A short summary!

In Ao Ashi Chapter 292, an article was published about Shiba ready to retire, which caused a stir among people. Shortly thereafter, Ashito and Shiba spoke about his career. Shiba revealed his days in Spain and Barcelona. He had a great time playing for Spain. He later started talking about his career and how far he had come. He never thought that one day he would be among the best footballers in Japan.

Shiba also mentioned how he encouraged his friends to keep sharing his perspective on football with the other players. He believed that Ashito was a star player and could reach great heights. Shiba was also reminded of his last match. In addition, the injury forced him to stay away from his next game. His wife struggled to cope with this setback and later left him. But he did mention that she’s wealthy enough to live a lavish lifestyle.

Ao Ashi Chapter 293

Ao Ashi Chapter 293: Release Date

Ao Ashi does not follow a consistent release pattern. So it’s quite difficult to guess when the upcoming chapter will return. However, we can expect that the author will return with Ao Ashi Chapter 293 within 12-13 days. So it will be released on June 7th, 2022. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily keeps you updated.


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