Scammers Grow Disguised As COVID Vaccine Providers.

COVID 19 scams have been compelling  that anybody would believe the site  to be authentic. But looks can be deceiving and you might end up chained to another scam. Officials say that the pandemic has ruined the happiness of people without having a job, forcing them to  scam online more often.

Scammers Grow Disguised As COVID Vaccine Providers.

The Coronavirus has been a culprit in every way, and people have been in panic due to a shortage of vaccine in some areas in the US. Reports revealed that that emergence of scam websites have been on a rise,  intended to loot money from people who are anxious about getting the vaccine. Since lockdown and WFH was active, people searched online for solutions to stay protected from the COVID-19. Many have stumbled upon  disguised websites of Moderna Vaccines, were the doses were offered for $30 per dose.

Scammers Grow Disguised As COVID Vaccine Providers.

Anxiety has been seen commonly in large numbers among people across the globe. On the other hand, the cureless disease kept spreading like a wildfire. People have been worried about their life, and are forced to give their credit card details through making payment online for vaccine delivery, unaware that it is a scam.

Earlier, the U.S. Department  of Homeland Security, 3 men were arrested while they investigated about one of the scams  that people were victims of. They were charged for wire fraud conspiracy on February 11th.

Last week, an investigation was in its final stage and the investigators had seized $30+ million that was part of fraud activities. Through further analysis, they realized that 80,000 COVID-19 domain names were linked with ordering the vaccines.

Scammer have not forgotten to take the name of Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE who have been producing the emergency vaccine, approved by the US government.

Earlier in December, Maryland U.S office shut 2 such gimmick schemes that were fooling people around. They were faking by taking drug company names to collect personal data from each person, through phishing attack. A website called claimed that they were part of the Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. The actual company was providing treatment to President Trump last year when he had COVID 19 infection. Next one is the that looked exactly like another biotech companies website called you glance at both websites, they look similar and thats how people fall for such scams.

Its highly recommended that every resident should avoid using the internet to buy vaccines as no such offers are permitted by the U.S government. It’s better to fix an appointment with the healthcare authorities and be in line for getting the vaccination done.

The Interpol has warned that such websites with fake vaccine scheme have been targeting  people around the globe, especially in the European countries. Scammers these days use search algorithms and also check out ads and create a similar one that would win trust from a  consumer.

To track another scam website called The U.S  Department of Homeland security appointed an undercover officer to order $6000 worth vaccine doses from the website. The source code was investigated and they realized that scammers used a web tool to copy the official Moderna Website. An affidavit proved that the the agent had to send half of the payment to Kelly Lamont, 22 years old. Then Kelly sent the payment through his phone, to alleged Odunayo Baba Oluwalade who was 25 years old. That not all, there was a third person, 22-year-old Olakitan Oluwalade was also part of the scam.

These men were released by the U.S Office of Probation and Pretrial and an initial hearing has been scheduled to be held on  5th of March.

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