Ryan Reynolds’ New Mint Mobile Commercial Is Raising Eyebrows

Ryan Reynolds’ new commercial has already garnered over 600 comments on YouTube, with viewers expressing their thoughts – almost all positive. User Laksmi’s top comment is “Ryan remains the only person who makes me watch ads voluntarily” (this answer in itself has over 2,000 upvotes). In another top comment, user GHOSTCODCLANLED declared, “That’s why Ryan Reynolds is the best celebrity.” Continuing the wave of praise, a user named Oscar wrote, “How can Ryan sum up everything he does what.” for a legend.” Those comments were followed by many other diverse fans, explaining how hilarious and talented they found Reynolds, even within a 30-second ad.

Meanwhile, another fan, Kelly NLN, commented on the hilarious (and undoubtedly affectionate) jokes made at the expense of Reynolds’ brother Terry. They then explained what it seemed a lot of fans loved about the advert so much: “Families are families no matter who you are lol!” One user, The Vman, imagined the Reynolds family’s reaction and wrote, “I bet the Whole family laughed when they saw this, especially Terry!!”

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