Rural Hospitals Are Suffering Due To Vaccine Mandates

The United States is experiencing a flood of Covid-19 cases once again. The rural hospitals with small capacity are struggling to attend to patients. 

Apart from the surge in coronavirus cases, the vaccine mandates for health care workers are impacting the working capacity of hospitals. The staff members are quitting their jobs instead of getting their vaccine shot.

Rural Hospitals Are Suffering Due To Vaccine Mandates

“Vaccination is now mandatory for all health care workers” was announced by the White House. The decision is taken as the United States is experiencing a spike in Covid-19 cases. The step is to increase the vaccination rates in the US. 

Idaho is experiencing a spike in Covid-19 patients. 

Hospitals are in a dire situation. There is no space and resources available to admit new patients.

Rural Hospitals Are Suffering Due To Vaccine Mandates

Earlier the excess cases of Idaho got treatment in Washington, but they are full of patients.

The spokesperson of Gritman Medical Center in Idaho said, “ we are bound to transfer our patients to farther hospitals. There is a severe shortage of space and resources for the incoming patients.”

Washington is low on capacity and the state is facing the Covid-19 crisis. With the surge in cases, the hospital is unable to help the hospital in Idaho. 

Hospitalization due to Covid-19 is common among unvaccinated people. The rate of hospitalization is low among vaccinated people.

The situation is worrying and needs immediate response and planning. The executive vice president of the Washington State Hospital Association said, “the current condition of hospitals is worrying.”

Washington is facing the Covid-19 crisis. The state is experiencing its worst wave. 

Hospitals are bound to cancel their necessary surgeries, treatment for heart attacks, and heart strokes have to be delayed. The situation is so because Covid-19 patients are taking up a large number of beds. 

The hospitals are working above their capacity, and the exhausted doctors and nurses are bound to work day and night.

About 95% of the Covid-19 hospitalizations are of unvaccinated people. Briley said, “Vaccination is important. If these people were vaccinated, the rise in the number of Covid-19 patients was avoidable.” 

The unnecessary suffering was avoidable if people were a bit serious about the virus.

As many as 260 people are on ventilators. 17,00 patients with Covid-19 are hospitalized. The Delta variant is highly contagious and is responsible for the sudden increase in cases.

Briley said, “patients are suffering, hospitals are full. Treatments are taking place in the hallway. Patients are suffering and are unable to breathe without external support. The view causes anguish among patients as well as doctors. ”

The data from the Washington Department of Health showed two-third of the children of 12 and above are now fully vaccinated. About 74% have received at least their first dose.

The vaccination rate in Idaho is low, with only 4 in 10 eligible individuals being fully vaccinated. The hospitals in Idaho are full of cases. Hospitals are bound to ration care and choose patients to provide medical care.

Medical care has to be given to one patient at the expense of another patient. The condition is horrifying. The situation brings doctors and nurses under extra pressure traumatizing them physically as well as mentally.

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