Risk Of Covid-19 Reduced With Regular Exercise, Study Says

A new study shows that regular activity and holding a history of a regular active lifestyle can strongly be associated with a reduced risk of severe Covid-19 infection. Nearly 50,000 individuals who were affected by Covid-19, were looked at and those who carried 150 minutes of activity per week, moderate to vigorous levels, showed significantly low turn-ups at hospitals, ICU admission, and deaths, due to Covid-19., according to The Kaiser Permanente. The world health organization guidelines are based on research supporting the ability of physical activity to help boost immune function, improve mental health and cardiovascular health in general as well. 

Risk Of Covid-19 Reduced With Regular Exercise, Study Says

The benefits of working out daily do influence in reducing the covid-19 illness. According to the guidelines, daily body movement also helps reduce the severity of symptoms of Covid-19. Identified by the US CDC, the risk factors for severity of Covid-19 include, advanced age, being male, holding underlying diseases like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Inactivity could arguably add to the top of the list. Movement of the body creates a healthy environment for the mind and soul and keeping these two in shape can help push off the attempt of the Covid-19 illness. 

Risk Of Covid-19 Reduced With Regular Exercise, Study Says

To reach 150 minutes of cardiovascular threshold in a week, a 22-minute daily workout is required, daily. With the right strategic plan, you will be able to accomplish your daily workout goal, with a lower level of disruption to your existing lifestyle. A few workout ideas that could help you sustain the activity level you wish to attain:

Regular walks- Brisk walks or even a normal speed walk is essential for the heart rate which in par keeps your overall health safe. It is also considered fat-burning, health-boosting to mankind. If you have a companion with you, like your dog, your 22 minutes of walking is then surely an easy task. 

Short Spurts Of Activity- The guidelines don’t mention the intensity level of your workout and sure don’t mention exercising for a large amount of time, each day. Breaking your activities into time frames, you’re comfortable with, helps manage your lifestyle and makes it easy to stay consistent. 

Exercise Smarter, Not Longer- A quick training consisting of four rounds of 5 workout regimes, properly done for one minute each like push-ups, lunges, etc. with warm-ups and cool-downs, will complete the 22 minutes target for the day.

Returning To Play- During school days, if you played a certain sport or a physical game, it’s time to get back at it. It’s a great way of staying healthy, completing the 22-minute daily target, and adding more fun and excitement into your adult life routine. These activities would include basketball, biking, tennis, hopscotch, etc. 

Tracking Your Activity- There are loads of activity tracking devices out there and tracking your daily workout sessions can help you move a step ahead of your yesterday’s goals. According to a study in the British Journal Of Sports Medicine, people walked an extra mile per day or worked out extra as they were happy seeing the results while tracking their daily sessions. 

For someone who doesn’t work out daily, the above-mentioned points may sound overwhelming. But as mentioned above, none of these activities require you to purchase new workout equipment neither does it mean signing up for a gym, yoga, or Zumba memberships. With the above-mentioned possibilities, you will not just be keeping yourself healthy, wealthy, and wise but that tends to take you to a safer place with the Coronavirus disease. Before going ahead with any of the above sessions, it is requested to consult one’s doctor and if experiencing pain, stop immediately. 

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